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Welcome to ExtremeRust.com!

ExtremeRust Modded server

Well balanced and fast paced server with increased rates (5x Day/10x Night) and awesome features like: Instant crafting, Quicksmelting, Kits, Teleport/Homes, Increased stacks, Awesome Loot, Auto Doors, VOTE REWARDS, No Decay, LIVE map, Friends&Clans and more!

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Latest news

Wipeday!, New Kits available, Skin chooser, Introducing Demolition-Day, 2x Daily mass drops (1PM CEST and 23PM CEST) Read more here - Read devblog 05/10/2017

Upcoming wipe, New features and more! 02/10/2017

Progression (blueprints!), raid balance, base changes, and more. - Read Devblog 179 here 28/09/2017

Server updated! Sitting, EAC Update,Grass updates & more! - Read Devblog 178 here 21/09/2017

New website/Server update14/09/2017


Server update hit! 07/09/2017

Upcoming Server wipe & Server changes 06/09/2017

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Useful in-game commands
Feature Description Commands
Clans Create a clan or join one! /clan
Compass Displays a small compass on your screen. (enabled by default) /compass
Kits Get a starter kit or free-ak47! (Great idea for a kit? let us know!) /kit
Playerlist Shows who is currently playing. /online, /who
Private Messages Send and recieve private messages. /pm, /r, /pmhistory
Skins ER-Member Reskin items instantly by dragging it to the right panel. /skin
Teleport Set&Teleport to a home(max 3), or teleport yourself to another player. /home, /tpr playername
Vote Rewards Vote on website and claim awesome rewards in-game! /claim, /vote
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