All our servers are wiped by force.
Last wipe: 03/08/2017      Next wipe: 07/09/2017

Modded 5x/10x 0/100 2009 Statistics LIVE Map CONNECT
Vanilla 3x/5x 0/100 2009 Statistics LIVE Map CONNECT
100% Vanilla 0/100 2009 Statistics View Map CONNECT

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Claim rewards in-game with /claim

Each vote will reward 1 point that you can spent on rewards in the modded 5x server.

Server plugins/Features & Commands

Plugin/Feature Description Commands
Clans Create a clan or join one! /clan
Compass Displays a small compass on your screen. /compass
Deathnotes Shows kills in the chat. -
Increased Gathering Gathering increased by 5 (Wood,Stone,Ore) -
InstantCraft Instant crafting! -
Kits Instant crafting! /kit
NoDecay No decay on builded objects. -
Playerlist Shows who is currently playing. /online, /who
Private Messages Send and recieve private messages. /pm, /r, /pmhistory
Rust:IO Livemap This live map shows the location of your friends and clanmembers! -
Stack Sizes Increased stack sizes. -
ER-Member Teleport Teleports you back to home or to other players! /home, /tpr name
Vote Rewards Vote on website and claim awesome rewards in-game! /claim, /reward list
Quick Smelting Furnaces smelts ore faster than normal. -
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