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Vanilla - Solo|Duo|Trio
(08.02 / 01.03)


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Deathmatch #1


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Welcome to ExtremeRust Rust servers!

ExtremeRust Modded 5x/10x

Well balanced and fast paced server with increased rates (5x Day/10x Night).


3/250 Players online now!

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ExtremeRust Vanilla - Solo | Duo | Trio

Play rust like intended! Max group size: 3 players.


0/150 Players online now!

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Check your player rank! or view other statistics of yourself or another player. VIP rank available! Get access to awesome features and commands! Only €3,- for the first 3 Months! Join us on steam to get access to awesome features in-game! Claim your FREE AK-47 with flashlight! type /kit FREE-AK47 Vote for us and recieve awesome rewards! (/vote)

The livemap is back! View livemap here 18/11/2017

The server is wiped! Next wipe will be a forced one! Read Devblog 186 16/11/2017

Server wiped: Build server issues, monument corruption and world mismatches. Read Devblog 184 - Post Mortem 03/11/2017 17:40

The server is wiped! from now on we will wipe every 2 weeks! Read Devblog 184 02/11/2017

The server is back online! This was caused by a bad build of oxidemod. 20/10/2017

Server offline, This is caused by a bad update. We are working on it. no estimated time yet. We will keep you updated here. (join our discord server for fast updates.) 20/10/2017

Wipeday!, New Kits available, Skin chooser, Introducing Demolition-Day, 2x Daily mass drops (1PM CEST and 23PM CEST) Read more here - Read devblog 05/10/2017

Upcoming wipe, New features and more! 02/10/2017

Progression (blueprints!), raid balance, base changes, and more. - Read Devblog 179 here 28/09/2017

Server updated! Sitting, EAC Update,Grass updates & more! - Read Devblog 178 here 21/09/2017

New website/Server update14/09/2017


Server update hit! 07/09/2017

Upcoming Server wipe & Server changes 06/09/2017

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(Modded 5x/10x)

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Each vote will reward 3 coins that you can spent on rewards in the shop. (use /s)

Server statistics

Provided by: Seegaming.com

Players online: 3
Rust version: 2057
Server FPS: 225
Map seed: 1337
Map size: 4000
Server Uptime: 0 days, 6 hrs
Useful in-game commands
Feature Description Commands
AutomaticAuthorization Add all your clan mates or friends from your friend list to any tool cupboard or auto turret authorization list with 1 chat command. You must own the entity! /autoauth clan/friends/autoclan/autofriends
Bank storage 12 Slots bank storage! Store items safely! 1minute cooldown after use. /bank
Clans Create a clan or join one! /clan
Compass Displays a small compass on your screen. (disabled by default) /compass
Friends Manage your friends and locate them on the LIVEMAP /friend
Kits Get free awesome kits! (Great idea for a kit? let us know!) /kit
NightLantern NightLantern automatically turns ON lanterns after sunset and then turns them OFF after sunrise. /lantern
Playerlist Shows who is currently playing. /online, /who
Private Messages Send and recieve private messages. /pm, /r, /pmhistory
Recycler Recycle items to base resources /rec
Security Lights Gives the option to have search lights target and follow players and helicopters. /sl
Sign Artist This plugin allows you to upload custom images to signs! /sil
Skins Reskin items instantly by dragging it to the right panel. /skin
Teleport Set&Teleport to a home(max 3), or teleport yourself to another player. /home, /tpr playername
Trade Trade with other players, Steam members only can start the trade /trade
TurretInfo TurretInfo allows to check the authorized players in each turret. It also keeps a record of the deaths made by each turret. Only the owner of the turret (who places it) can check the authorized players, the victims of the turret and clean the list /turret auth|Kills|clear
Vote Rewards Vote on website and claim awesome rewards in-game! /claim, /vote

Community screenshots

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Airdrop fiesta - Screenshot by: Kiluminati
Screenshot by: Kiluminati
Massacre! - Screenshot by: Kiluminati
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